License Optimization – EMC

Client Profile

A leading U.S. Pharmaceutical Company with over 70,000 employees, and over 1000 affiliates worldwide.


Our client wanted to reduce all unnecessary software spend across their enterprise. As such, their procurement and legal team engaged directly with EMC to request license maintenance cost reductions. After months of failed negotiations, they realized their in-house team did not possess the license expertise needed to understand their position, optimize license usage, and directly negotiate the desired results with the vendor. Not being satisfied with EMC’s recommended cost solution, they elected to bring our License Optimization experts in to assist.


After interviewing key stakeholders, we assessed our client’s software environment using our proprietary formula. We compared our assessment with EMC’s and quickly recognized that the rationale used to deny making the requested licensing changes conflicted with the methodology timeline outlined in our client’s then current contract. At the client’s request, we engaged directly with EMC to negotiate a resolution.


Within 10-weeks after engaging, we were able to help our client bring about the necessary change to reduce their current and future spends with EMC. Our efforts resulted in over $17,000,000 in effective bottom-line cost savings for our client.