Audit Defense – IBM

Client Profile

A leading U.S. Multinational Investment Banking and Financial Services Corporation with over 300,000 employees, over 2 Million affiliates, and over 330 Million customers worldwide.


Our client was being audited by IBM, wherein non-compliance software violations had been reported. After five-months of failed attempts to defend themselves, our client brought our experts in to assist with the IBM audit in the area of Enterprise Content Management.


After interviewing key stakeholders, we assessed our client’s software environment using our proprietary formula. We compared our assessment with KPMG’s and quickly recognized that the licensing metrics used to derive the non-compliance findings conflicted with the methodology outlined in our client’s then current contract. At the client’s request, we engaged directly with the auditors to negotiate a resolution.


Within 8-weeks after engaging, we were able to negotiate over $40,000,000 in immediate bottom-line cost savings for our client.