Who we are

Who We AreWith 2O+ years of software consulting experience in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and $1.5 Billion in bottom-line customer savings, we are the industry’s foremost global authority in software license optimization. We hold certifications in a variety of other disciplines, including e-Discovery, BPM and Workflow.

We have over 40,000 hours of direct hands-on experience closing critical business, while helping customers resolve important problems. Our expertise has proven to drive more favorable customer results than all other SAM competition – including the Big Four.

Our Co-Founder and Managing Partner was recognized by IBM, FileNet, Deloitte, KPMG and others as the foremost global authority in ECM license compliance and license optimization, while working on the other side of the fence.

Strengths and core competencies

Software License Optimization   Document Management   Vendor Negotiations
  Complex Deal Management   Content Management   Audit Defense
  Business Process Management   Content Services   SAM Strategy
  Image Management   Records Management   Solving Problems

Why go with us?

Unique Background

Prior to starting Hindsight Solutions, our co-founder successfully launched, led and scaled license compliance and optimization for FileNet and IBM-ECM. This in-depth knowledge of both the software and client side of license agreements makes us unique in the ECM industry.

Years of Experience

We have decades of hands on experience performing customer assessments and negotiating the optimal software licensing agreements. Our engagements have included Fortune 500 companies in investment banking, pharmaceuticals, mortgage services and other industries.

Unmatched Results

Since 2009, we have negotiated over $1.5 Billion in add-on bottom line customer savings – outpacing all SAM competitors, including the Big Four. Typical customer benefits include an immediate 30-40% annual cost reduction above and beyond previously negotiated licenses.

No Risk Terms

We’re confident that we can help you decrease your ECM costs and optimize your software license agreements, based on what your business needs. With Hindsight Solutions, you only pay for performance.

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